Graco: Twistork Agitator / Helix Air Mixer


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Graco's Twistork Helix Mixer is designed with patented, helix-shaped mixing blades. Its gentle mixing action reduces fluid degradation and splashing compared to propeller blades. Mounts through the bung opening of the drum head.

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Twistork Helix Mixer
Maximum Working Pressure
100 psi
Maximum Recommended Agitator Speed
800 rpm
Air Consumption
At 800 rpm with 100 psi air inlet pressure: 5 scfm
At 400 rpm with 100 psi air inlet pressure: 2 scfm
At 400 rpm with 7 bar air inlet pressure: 0.06 m/min
17.6 lb
Wetted Parts
Model 224854: Carbon Steel, Fluoroelastomer, Acetal
Model 235534: 304 & 316 Stainless Steel, Fluoroelastomer, Acetal
External Parts that may come in contact with fluids:
Plate: Carbon Steel
Air Motor: Aluminum
*Noise Level at 100 psi normal load at 800 rpm
Pressure: 71.3 dB(A)
Power : 84.6 dB(A)
Noise Level at 100 psi at no load at max rpm
Pressure : 84.1 dB(A)
Power: 97.4 dB(A)
*Tested to CAGI-PNEUROP–1969

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