PMC Inlet Pump Sleeve Kit


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New Inlet Pump Sleeve for PH(X)-25, PH(X)-40, PH(X)-55

PMC has redesigned the inlet pump sleeve by removing the O-ring (PN# OR-00051B) on the sleeve body and replacing it with a Teflon seal (PN# 202228) at the top of the sleeve. Also redesigned is the Pump Retainer Nut (PN#202221) which holds the entire assembly in the pump base body assembly and replaces the previous (PN#PU05023-R) Retainer Nut. The operation of these parts along with the inlet and discharge seats remains the same and has not been changed.

Included in the Kit:

These items are individual parts:
(2) 202221, Retainer Nut
(3) 202228, Teflon O-Ring
(5) PU-05023-1, seal
(7) PU-05025, Discharge Ball

Assembled parts:
(6) PU-05024, seat
(4) PU-01003-IG, ball seat gasket
(1) 202220, sleeve


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