Red Devil White Painters Caulk (case of 12)


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Painter's Caulk is an acrylic latex caulk with a professional formula designed especially for easy paintability. It provides tight, waterproof seals and can be used indoors or outdoors on most common construction substrates. It takes all types of paint and cleans up easily with water.
Adheres To: 
Painted and Unpainted Wood, Brick, Plaster/Drywall, Aluminum, Metal, Glass

Use On:
Window and Door Frames, Siding, Trim, Baseboards, Molding

• Easy to Apply
• Paintable in 2 Hours
• Mildew Resistant
• Water Clean Up
• Interior/Exterior Use
• 25 Year Limited Warranty

Product Details: 10.1 fl. oz.(300 ml)

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